Dr. Naya presents keynote at University of Texas at Austin’s Suicide Prevention Week

Austin, TX – For Suicide Prevention Week, Dr. Naya Jones facilitated a keynote talk and meditation on September 25, 2018 at the University of Texas at Austin.

“I think the only way to engage self-care as a topic, is to practice it together,” Jones said. “The keynote was designed to be immersive and experiential.”

Dr. Naya facilitating at Suicide Prevention Week, 2018, University of Texas at Austin

During the talk, students, staff, and faculty experienced guided meditation and explored self-care myths. Titled “Get Rooted: Reimagining Self-Care”, the keynote discussed an approach to self-care and suicide prevention that emphasizes community, connection, and social justice. Participants also had an opportunity to reflect on how they already practice self-care.

To create a reflective space, Jones incorporated drumming and built a small altar for the event. The event included pictures of family, flowers, and other objects that are part of her personal practice.

Students meditating during keynote. From The Daily Texan (“Tenth Annual Suicide Prevention Week kicks off with meditation, resource fairs”). Photo by McKenzie Bentley.

“As a facilitator, I focus on co-creating a space for reflection,” Jones said. “The main invitation is for all of us, myself included, to be present.”

The keynote included inspirational quotes from well-known meditator-activists, including Thich Nhat Hanh and bell hooks. To support their self-care journeys, participants had an opportunity to sign up for a monthly e-letter. The e-letter includes further resources for everyday self-care.

For more on the keynote and on Suicide Prevention Week, read The Daily Texan news story.

To bring Jones to your school, organization, or community for a talk or workshop, contact Dr. Naya and team at www.nayajones.com/connect.