Forthcoming: Book Chapter about Black Youth, Corner Stores, and Food Sovereignty

It’s confirmed! A chapter based on my dissertation will be included in the forthcoming book, Race in the Marketplace: Crossing Critical Boundaries. The volume is expected to be published in fall 2019.

Picture of young woman filming. An older woman stands beside her, giving advice.
Participatory filmmaking as part of Eating While Young and Black

Based on a participatory project carried out from 2012-2017, the chapter is “(Re)Visiting the Corner Store: Black Youth, Gentrification, and Food Sovereignty”. In the piece, I approach corner stores from a Black geographies perspective.

Healthy food access continues to be an emphasis of food policy, research, and activism on a global scale. In the United States, corner store initiatives often target where Black and Latinx populations reside. But a focus on nutrition alone can deflect attention from context, including race and racism, gentrification, and place-making.

In the chapter, I visit three corner stores with African-American and Afro-Latinx (Afro-Latino) youth in a gentrifying Austin, Texas neighborhood. Throughout, I ask how corner store research can support not just food access but food sovereignty.** The chapter highlights transformative marketplace initiatives taking place in Austin and beyond, while lifting up possibilities for future corner store research and practice.

As a practitioner-scholar committed to social justice and Black wellbeing, I’m intentional about where I publish. I choose on-line and print spaces that bridge practice, research, and activism.

The Race in the Marketplace book reflects the mission and momentum of RIM, the Race in the Marketplace Network. As a member since 2017, I appreciate RIM’s explicit and intersectional approach to racism, along with its transdisciplinary and international scope.

Stay tuned for publication updates! – Naya

P.S. The next RIM Forum is in Paris, France, June 25-27, 2019. CFP here.